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November 04, 2009


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Kim Malueg

She's so cute! Where did you find the tag, my chocolate is jealous (she is very girlie, likes the sparkly stuff).

Donna Kearney

I bet she is in culture shock...with the Galveston warm weather and then the snow! She is beautiful and Pat got to see her in person. I am jealous! So, guess I will need to head to Colorado for my own cuddle time. Enjoy...she is lucky to have the Coope's.

Lavinia Bircher

Saw tjhis adorable Tuli right after the DPE arrived on Harbor View. . .she is adorable! Most of us would love to have a duplicate. . .but only for a few moments.
We look forward to seeing again all those who are only visiting in that cold weather but will return to our lovely "tropical isle" soon.
the Birchers

Rachel Carlson

lawren! tuli is ADORABLE! can't wait to meet her and snuggle with her. her coloring is beautiful too. she's very lucky to come home to the coope! ♥ and hugs, rach


OMG! Tuli is absolutely adorable! She will make a great addition to your family! Your Dad sure can pick 'em! :-)

ady abreu

Tuli is beautiful... I'm sure she will bring your family so much happiness.

Avery Soderberg

Awww I love it! I can't wait to see her! She is beautiful and I am sure she is lots of fun! Enjoy! :D


SO cute! Tuli is adorable, and you know I love the name.

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