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October 30, 2009


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anna tremblay

phew.... lots of projects!! but it all looks like FUN!! I'm scared to try knitting.... but I've dabbled in crochet :) I LOVE your fabric choices.... very colorful, very fun, very ripley! Do tell what the plans are for all that fabric goodness.... Congrats on the new puppie!! Oh joy... the fun begins.....
AND you are buried in SNOW!! Yikes.... meanwhile we are barely pushing 70's for our highs..... I'm jealous... nothing a trip to the mountains won't cure....

LOVELY scrapbook pages. You did fantastic!! xo, anna

Rachel Carlson

oh goody, look at all that YUMMY fabric. i am SO happy that you enjoyed crystal and her store, i WARNED you and will not be held responsible for any future spending sprees - HA. i am actually going to visit her tomorrow for my next week's friday feature. course i will only be able to 'drool' over the fabric this time - *sigh*. LOVE the scarf, it's fantastic, i knew you could do it.

LOVE rip's card, LOVE it!

the pages are looking great, isn't that what you were working on when we last crafted, good job!

warm hugs and happy weekend!

Vanessa M Santamaria

Looks like you've been busy crafting away!!! Love what I see. So sorry about your doggie... That must be so difficult. Here's to no more snow days - although I have to admit it looks beautiful (coming from a girl in Miami that is anxiously awaiting cooler temps... I am sick of this 80-90's heat already!)

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