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January 06, 2009


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stephanie c

that castle is something else, I tell you! Glad to see that you're back to the blog...


Wow! Did you breathe while writing all that! I loved Barbie too, I can't wait to buy one of those castles for my niece, she is just two so maybe in another year or so! Glad to know you are doing better.

Rachel Carlson

hey sweet girl, happy 2009. i've been watching for updates and good to hear that you are almost back on track. sounds like a great few weeks of celebrating whilst recovering too. i got your email and i owe you an answer, you are so sweet and i want you to know that i'm listening so thank YOU! i'm working on cha deadlines for anaheim at the end of the month. which reminds me, you should send me some photos to design with for cha booth. chat soon! xoxo, rach

Rachel Carlson

OH, forgot to mention, i have something for you, let's arrange to meet up soon, okay?


What an update! Love all the pics. Hope Ripley's belly is back to normal soon!

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