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September 29, 2008


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anna tremblay

far out cool fall colors! I'm jealous.... it's was 97 today!!! It's stinking october tomorrow and it's in the high nineties???? what's up with that?


These photos are so beautiful!!!!! Where in CO is this??? I would love to visit again. I lived in Arvada MANY years ago when I was in 3rd grade and I remember going out to the mountains and enjoying the outdoors so much... :-)


What gorgeous pics! and I'm so glad that you told me about Day in the Life - it has been so fun (especially since you are in EVERY DAY!) Thanks for continuing to inspire me :) Oops - baby crying (go figure) and getting ready for tonight so gotta run (if my sore legs will move!!)


Vane - to answer your question about location of these photos, we were up in the Vail Valley. Some of the shots are in East Vail and some are on Shrine Pass -- a little dirt road that we'd never traveled before. Mom, Rip and I did the drive and I think we were a few days too early to see the very best of the colors -- I have a feeling that the reds and oranges are going to be peaking this week...

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